Broadtune frequently orders pins and plugs in bulk. This means ordering through an ECU manufacturer isn’t always practical. Below is a expanding list of ECU pins and plugs used from common ECU manufactures, which can be ordered directly from a supplier when bulk quantities are required. We always suggest supporting the ECU designers and manufactures when purchasing equipment, but for a ground up custom looms, pins and plugs are used instead of pre-made kit looms.

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These ECU’s use a TE Connectivity Econoseal III 070 plug and pins
M4 & M48 Plug 36 position / 36 pin Possibly others – TE Connectivity Part No. 344111-1 – RS-Online Part Number 909-7747

M4 & M48 Terminals OEM gold plated and larger diameter wires
Standard Gold Plated 16-20AWG –…ies/dp/2310233 – These are the MOTEC supplied terminals
Cheaper 20-16AWG –…awg/dp/2308821 – These are cheaper terminals, which are what most other ECU’s come with
Cheaper 18-14AWG –…-14/dp/1772757 – Larger cable, not really required as the ECU won’t be able to handle the current anyway

All Haltech equipment use the Super Seal Series of plugs, made by TE Connectivity

Haltech 34 pin – 4-1437290-0 –…tic/dp/2448174
Haltech 26 pin – 3-1437290-7 –…skt/dp/2060327
Terminals – 3-1447221-4 –…imp/dp/2448173
Weather Seals / blanks – 4-1437284-3 –…st=4-1437284-3

E420C (Early extruded case)
The black connectors are 174046 and 174047
The white connectors are HM3436 and 3438

179417-1 Small pin
179425-1 Large pin

Modular M2000 M6000 use the TE Connectivity Super Seal Series

MOLEX Mini Fit Jr. Plugs with 5557 series pins

16AWG – 1.5 mm² – Molex 5557 series contact Part No. 39-00-0077 – RS-Oline part number 146-2584 – Used for most wires, injectors, ignition and any higher current stuff.
20AWG – 1 mm² – Molex 5557 series contact Part No. 39-00-0038 – RS Online part number 6706307 – Used for smaller wires if required, but the 16 AWG is usually OK

24 Pin Main Connector – Molex MINI FIT Jr series Part No. 39-01-2245 – RS Online part number 257-6124
4 Pin – Molex MINI FIT Jr Series Part No. 39-01-2048 – RS Online part number 679-5776
6 Pin – Molex MINI FIT Jr Series Part No. 39-01-2065 – RS Online part number 679-5773
8 Pin – Molex MINI FIT Jr Series Part No. 39-01-2085 – RS Online part number 6795785



TE Connectivity Super Seal Series

3-1437290-7 26pin Key1A
3-1437290-8 26 pin Key2B
4-1437290-0 34 Pin Key1A
4-1437290-1 34 Pin Key2B
3-1447221-4 1.0 female pins

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