Cam and crank angle sensors are often enough the problem for OEM and aftermarket ECUs. Being the highest speed and most critical sensor on an engine, it is important that reliable and robust terminations and wiring techniques be implemented.

At Broadtune, all CAS wiring is done with Teflon (PTFE) insulation. PTFE insulation offers high strength and wear resistance while size and weight is kept low. PTFE is typically used in MIL SPEC applications due to this.

The shield conductor is tested for isolation from general ground and then terminated to the sensor ground circuit. It is important to confirm via testing that the the shield is grounded at only one point. The shield conductor should be carried through plugs on a individual terminals. Care should be taken to ensure the engine side of the plug (like pictured) is not grounded.

High quality plugs, crimps, heat shrink and labeling completes the job and ensure a serviceable, robust CAS solution for any type of sensor.

Repaired Nissan Optical CAS Plug