In true Broadtune style, we never get the easy ones! This Mustang came to us on a flat bed. The engine was cutting out, wipers came on with head lights, the usual 60’s electrical nightmare – except this vehicle has a reproduction loom fit and electronic fuel injection!

The Holley EFI system was easy enough to fix. There were a few triggering issues, the coil was overheating but the main problem was a corrupt ECU tune. Some re-termination of triggering, a tidy up for power and coil wiring and a from scratch road tune got it back on the road in no time.

The Holley Terminator ECU has AMP super seal pins and plugs, and a plugin harness to the Holley 4 barrel throttle body injection. This makes for a very simple, carburettor looking EFI upgrade. Triggered off the negative coil, there are only a few external wires which need to be connected to get the system running.

Then it was time for the dyno. The green shows my road tune, so the car could get some shake down miles (can’t use metric). The final tune shows about 60 HP extra, and close to 200 HP (can’t use metric) on a 289 CI Windsor from the mid 60’s.

It was a different car on the way home from the dyno, and I’m sure the owner will be very happy!